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Brakes are one of the most vital parts of your car

The function of your vehicle’s brakes is to assist you in the ability to control your vehicle by reducing speed and bring it to a complete stop, which is why your vehicle’s brake system is a critical element of you and your vehicles safety.

Braking systems operate using a hydraulic system, whereby applying pressure to the brake pedal, sends brake fluid throughout the vehicle’s brake system activating parts that come together to create friction; which then creates the stopping force required. Any weak or worn points in the brake system; hoses, seals or other hydraulic components, could result in a fluid leak and possibly a catastrophic failure of your vehicle’s brakes.

Brake fluid is specially formulated to operate in very high-pressure environments in all temperatures. Due to the constant heating and cooling of the liquid, water (or condensation) forms reducing the boiling point of the brake fluid. This build-up can cause a “mushy” feel in the brake pedal and can cause damage to other brake system components. Brake fluid requires regular flushing to remove water content and other contaminants.

To check or maintain the brake system of a vehicle, OK Tire’s certified technicians do both a visual and hands-on analysis of the brake’s systems.

Inspections include, but are not limited to:

  • Examination of the overall quality and measurement of wear on all pads, rotors, drums & shoes
  • Test brake fluid levels and quality
  • Inspect E-brake (Emergency Brake)
  • Signs of fatigue or cracks on brake lines, hoses, and Master cylinder
  • Ensure there are no visible fluid leaks

After the technician has completed their inspection; or diagnostic, they will then determine the required maintenance/repair your vehicle needs to ensure an efficient and working brake system.